I was wrong when I assumed nobody would want the cursed engagement ring previously owned by Crystal Harris. Let me rephrase. I was wrong when I said no one would want to pay very much for Harris’ cursed engagement ring. The young Playboy model left her benefactor, Hugh Hefner, just a tad bit of time before she planned to wed him. To her credit, purportedly Harris did try to give the ring back, but Hefner was having none of it. Obviously, the next step was to auction that sucker off.

Not a bad business move, but, at the time Harris made the auction announcement, the $90,000 ring was only expected to go for around $20,000. Today, the ring went up on the block…and exceeded expectations. TMZ got the dirt, learning someone bid $38,000 for the 3.39 carat diamond.

After taxes, the ring cost the buyer $47,500, which means it sold at an approximate 50% discount. I’m sure relinquishing the ring was a nice end of an era for Harris, who has spent the past months at the front of the tabloids and in the news. Besides, heading home with fifty grand in your pocket probably inspired a little skip in Harris’ step. Though it’s probably chump change for the woman who has spent the last few months as big news. If not, I’m sure it will be enough to keep her blonde roots in good condition for years to come.



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