Crystal Harris Calls Off Wedding To Hugh Hefner

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has taken to Twitter to announce his upcoming wedding to playmate Crystal Harris is off. The ceremony, planned for Saturday, was widely expected to be a lavish extravaganza with hundreds of eclectic guests, but there can be no nuptials without a bride. Somewhere out there, Holly Madison is pretending not to smile. The former playmate was widely assumed to be the next Mrs. Hefner, but after the elderly publisher wavered on whether he wanted children or even to marry at all, she bolted. He soon changed this mind, and within a few years, announced his engagement to Crystal Harris.

While the relationship disintegration isnít the most shocking thing Iíve heard this week, it is a bit surprising considering how little drama has unfolded up to this point. Hefner truly seemed ready to tie the knot, but apparently, it was his fiancť that we should have been worried about. He utilized Twitter to publicize the decision, bluntly saying, ďThe wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.Ē

It takes a unique woman to want to marry a man famous for his carousing and preference for multiple relationships at once. Iím not sure anyone can blame Crystal Harris for not wanting to be that woman, but she certainly can be blamed for waiting so long to decide she wasnít.

If youíre unsure at all about whether or not you should marry the person youíre with, donít accept the proposal. Donít plan a wedding. Donít put all the instruments in motion. Take your time, decide what you really want and then move forward.
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