Danica Patrick Moves To NASCAR, Should She Be Taken Seriously?

By Jacob Sundstrom 5 years ago
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Danica Patrick is a highly marketable, but by most reports, fairly unremarkable race car driver. You know who she is, sure; but hell, you probably know who Tim Tebow is too, right? To say that sheís a polarizing figure would be a massive understatement. Patrick has drawn the ire of many drivers in the Indy Car circuit, and the same will likely come from NASCAR drivers when she makes the just announced switch. She has always brushed it off as sexism - and Iím sure in some cases thatís valid, but perhaps itís something a tad deeper than that - like how a driver with an unimpressive track record receives more press than Jimmie Johnson.

Yahoo! Sports broke the news, which was a long time coming. It was never a matter of if Danica would move to NASCAR; it was only a matter of when sheíd make the move. It appears likely that Patrickís first race will be the Daytona 500, which must have advertisers and sponsors licking their lips furiously.

Iím not a motor-sports expert, but the possibility of her part-timing in both the Indy and NASCAR circuit has been brought up, and weíll just have to wait and see what she decides to do on that front. You can check out the entire press conference here and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on Patrick. Is she a legitimate contender? Or an over-hyped piece of marketing genius?
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