For thirteen years, the original members of Van Halen drank their weight in booze, fought almost incessantly amongst themselves and made some pretty damn good music. Perhaps to prevent winding up in early graves, the other guys booted David Lee Roth in 1985 and brought in Sammy Hagar. The switcheroo should have failed miserably, but somehow, the end result wasn’t half bad. Van Halen turned out some decent Roth-less LPs for more than a decade, but even with all that success, many fans never stopped rooting for the original lead singer to return. They almost got their chance in 1996 and sort of got their chance a few years back when a tour was started until Eddie Van Halen checked into rehab, but now it seems enthusiasts will get their first opportunity to see Roth and company on a grand scale in some time.

According to The Los Angeles Times, an exhaustive tour featuring Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen has been planned for 2012. Tickets will go on sale on January 10th, and information can be found on the band’s official website.

A lot of these reunion tours lack purpose because they happen so frequently. If a band gets back together to play one hundred dates every three years, fans can feel comfortable waiting until the next time around to see the act live. That’s not the case with Van Halen. In fact, I’m not even confident they’ll make it through this entire tour without someone being fired, arrested or stabbed. If you’re someone who has always hoped to see the original line-up play live, you’re shit out of luck. Bassist Michael Anthony isn’t going to be around for this. But if you’re someone who’s always wanted to see David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen play together, don’t assume you’ll have a dozen more chances.

To celebrate, here’s the video for “Panama”…



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