Last week news leaked that Debra Messing and her husband Daniel Zelman split up over a year ago. Since that time, the couple have still been hanging out amicably, even living together to raise their young son, Roman. As it turns out, the belated news of the ex-couple’s split may just have been pre-emptive for news about Messing’s new beau.

NBC’s new series, Smash, starring Messing, may not premiere until February; however, Messing is ready to premiere news of her on-set boyfriend, now. Turns out the lucky lad is none other than co-star Will Chase, who also recently separated from his wife, Stephanie Gibson. The Chase/Gibson union produced no children. According to People, the couple have been romancing on set for the past six weeks. Which is interesting because in Smash, Chase is set to play a married Broadway star who nonetheless becomes a prospective love interest for a main character on the show. I guess sometimes television does manage to mimic real life a little bit, after all.

How exactly this may have complicated or strained Messing’s living arrangements is unknown, but doubtless the new arrangement is both happy and a little bittersweet. Whether or not the way Messing and Chase’s relationship came together was totally honorable, I hope they manage to find a way to make things work. If not, they’ve made an awful mess not only of each of their personal lives, but also their work environment.



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