Dexter's Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Officially Divorced

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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Back in August of 2010, Dexterís Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter announced they were calling it quits. A scant four months later, Carpenter officially filed for divorce. What followed was a lengthy, quiet separation that lasted over a year. If any optimistic person out there was hoping the two celebrities would have a change of heart, now is the time to give up on those dreams.

The proceedings surrounding the divorce were so quiet, they might have happened without the press ever knowing had some savvy reporter over at E! never gotten her mitts wet. Although, Hall and Carpenterís divorce was finally granted on Friday, December 2, according to E! Online, the news of the divorce finalization broke today. The couple have reached an unpublished agreement on spousal support and community property. On the bright side of things, they donít have to divide up a couple of children. Hopefully, they donít have a dog.

Hall and Carpenter initially married in December of 2008. The two had dated without being in the spotlight for a year and a half prior. The wedding itself was also a covert affair, without even family or friends present. Itís only fitting the ex-coupleís divorce would be equally private. Hereís to hoping Hall and Carpenter manage to maintain a professional relationship into the future. With two more seasons of Dexter on the forefront, itís looking like they will need some fingers crossed, after all.
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