TV tough guy Duane Chapman broke down before his pastor on Wednesday (31Oct07) after he was exposed as a racist by a U.S. tabloid. The star of reality TV show Dog, The Bounty Hunter was heard referring to his son's Latino girlfriend as a "whore" and a "n**ger" on the tape, which landed in the hands of editors at the National Enquirer.

Ironically, Chapman even considers what would happen if his comments made their way to the publication on the tape. He's heard saying, "I'm not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for because some f**king n**ger heard us say, 'N**ger' and turns us into the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over."

Upon learning the Enquirer had exposed him and his fiery comments, Chapman met with Tim Storey, the African-American pastor who married the TV bounty hunter and his wife Beth. Chapman has refused to comment, but the pastor reveals his friend broke down in front of him for 30 minutes on Wednesday (31Oct07). Storey tells, "He said, `I'm shocked, I'm wrong, I repent...' I was shocked, because I don't know that to be Duane."

The pastor insists Chapman made the ill-advised comments following a row with his son - and turned on the youngster's relationship with a Mexican girl. Storey admits he was shocked his friend used the `N' word, adding, "I know he's not a racist. He's been to black churches with me to help inner-city kids."

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