Donald Trump Not Running For President

By Joseph Giannone 2011-05-16 21:46:51
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Like Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Schwarzenegger before him, celebrity Donald Trump decided to try his hand in politics. Sure, Arnold “Governator” Schwarzenegger was competent as the governor of California, even though it is considered to be the first failed state. Wrestler turned politician Jesse Ventura was ‘OK’ as governor of Minnesota; and let’s not even get started on Reagan. But Donald Trump as president of the United States? Good thing this didn’t last. Donald Trump is no longer running as the republican candidate for the 2012 presidential elections. Did I just hear a loud hurrah?

With most celebrities, turned politician, being scrutinized for their adequacy in politics this news is not surprising. For months there has been much skepticism towards The Apprentice star running for president. Criticism even started when Trump began his “birther” campaign to seek out President Obama’s birth certificate. Watch this clip of him on The View, ducking it out over his wild accusations:

Obama quickly retorted though, and came out with one of the funniest moments of any White House Correspondents dinner to date:

This whole “birther” situation proved that not only is the business mogul turned celebrity not suitable for politics, but he also proved that our president is a seriously funny man. This didn’t help Trump lose interest in the presidency though. With the rise in coverage of his decision for running as president; many people began to get worried that this celebrity could actually have a chance in the primaries.

We were worried because not only could America consider electing a person like Sarah Palin, but it also seemed, we were actually capable of taking a celebrity like Donald Trump seriously in politics. Early polls taken from the GOP showed Trump was actually a likely contender for a presidential candidacy. What?

It soon came into fruition though that his prowess in politics, or lack thereof, wasn’t the prospective reason for doing so well in the polls. Simply put, it had to do with name-recognition. Makes sense, right? This all happened initially when word came out that the guy with the bad comb over was actually running for president. America went into frenzy: debating, discussing, and most importantly, talking about him at length.

You must be thinking, what’s the meaning of all this? Well, looking back on this whole debacle, it may have actually been a simple publicity stunt. Check that, a brilliant publicity stunt. Let’s indulge: according to CBS News Trump had many conflicting ideologies. First off, Trump claimed to be “pro-choice” in 1999 when he ran for president under the Reform Party Ticket, but now he opposes abortion rights. Also, in a book he wrote in 2000 called “The America We Deserve,” he supported universal health care, and wanted to raise taxes to 14.25% for wealthy Americans; which is something that would never have been tolerated in the Republican Party.

As you can clearly see, Donald Trump never really took this presidency stunt seriously. It’s evident. Now more than ever, the man is as popular as can be. His face is all over the news, and he is now a household name. Trump has also been offered his own show on Fox News. Conflicting ideals and a bad comb over, America is obviously thinking twice about Donald Trump as president, but will surely keep him tuned in on their TV’s for quite some time. All I can really say is: God Bless America.
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