Just days after being sentenced to four year in jail for involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray has decided to continue the fight. Had he been given a reduced sentence like many analysts predicted, say one to two years, the doctor may well have just ridden his time out, but since he was punished to the fullest extent of the law by the judge, it seems he’s not willing to roll over.

The paperwork for the appeal has already been filed, and according to TMZ, the document indicates he will defend himself. It’s a bit of a risky move, but then again, paying whatever money he has left to attorneys for a case he may well lose probably wouldn’t be the wisest investment either.

Murray’s former attorney spoke out earlier today, saying he was confident the doctor would be vindicated, but considering just how many witnesses testified to seeing extremely shady behavior, a victorious appeal is far from a slam dunk. The legal system isn’t like the NFL’s in which players’ cases are given a full review by an impartial source if they ask for one. Murray would need to first get a judge to agree there was merit to his appeal and then another judge or jury would need to rule in his favor. That’s a lot of victories, especially since he’s defending himself.

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