Typically, when we think of million dollar investments, homes, paintings or plots of land come to mind, but Elton John isn't exactly your typical investor. The legendary pop star unveiled his most lavish possession last night, a one million dollar piano covered with sixty-eight LED screens and an invisible swagger even the most boastful would be proud of. As the showpiece in his family room, the grand might have seemed a little out of place, but as the namesake of his new show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, the glitzy instrument fit right in.

The three thousand plus pound piano took more than three years to complete, and its technology allows it to project images into the crowd. According to Reuters, it lit up into a seascape at one point during Wednesday's debut, much to the delight of the sold-out crowd. The concert was the first in a long series for Elton John that will last the better part of three years, but if the reception is anything like it was last night, the time will fly by. The Rocketman reportedly got standing ovations after the majority of his songs, which included favorites like “Circle Of Life”, “Your Song” and “I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues”.

It's really no wonder Lady Gaga has a soft spot for Elton John. The pop star might shock a room with her scandalous and unconventional outfits, but no one goes bigger than the “Tiny Dancer” crooner. If ever someone needed extra incentive to head to Sin City, a million dollar piano and a wonderful night singing along to some of the greatest pop songs ever written seem good enough excuses.



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