Facebook is now capable of doing what Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and Meebo have been doing for years: Group and video chats. It’s a technological miracle, to be sure. So now you can finally group chat with people who were either too lazy or not technologically savvy enough to download a program like Skype or AIM; and we all know the type. Group chatting was already available in a sense with the Facebook Groups feature, but now you can set up a chat with multiple friends without setting up an entire group just to pick the movie you all want to go see.

The announcement was made on the Facebook Blog which details the specifics and explains how to use all the new features. And so Facebook continues to grow and grow until, like MySpace, it will become too large and too complicated and implode. With rumors about adding a music service swirling, the question “What’s next?” will become easier and easier to answer -- because there won’t be much left to do.

While Facebook still doesn’t let users make actual phone calls like Gmail now does, it will only be a matter of time before that feature is added. The video calling feature is powered by Skype, the popular Internet phone service; so it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to call grandma while checking out your best friend’s photos all from an Internet browser before too long. What do you think about Facebook’s latest changes? I’m already starting to see the same people that whine about every change Facebook makes clog up my news feed; where do you stand on Facebook’s communication domination?



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