Fetish Group Trying To Buy Nancy Grace Fart Video

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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The Kinsey Report may have shocked many Americans when it was first released, but its eccentricities can be considered positively normal compared to what some people get up to on the internet everyday. Remember when Nancy Grace, or her partner, or the host farted on Dancing With The Stars? Most of us may have secretly enjoyed the story because it was awkward and started a still ongoing round of the blame game, but for others, the gaseous outburst was wonderful for a whole Ďnother reason.

Apparently, some people are sexually excited by women farting. Itís not one or two weirdos either. Itís a sizeable and strange group with enough purchasing power to negotiate with ABC. According to TMZ, Clips4Sale.com has made an official offer to buy the three second fart to please its base of flatulophiliacs.

I find it highly unlikely ABC will turn over this footage. Regardless of the potential profit, it would send an awful message to celebrities who might consider doing the show in the future. The potential ramifications are just too great. Plus, it seems dubious to think ABC executives would want to sit in a room and hammer out a deal with admitted fart enthusiasts. We may have made a lot of progress over the past few decades, but most people arenít ready for this kind of acceptance.

For the record, I find it a bit odd that people are into this, but seeing as how everyone has at least one strange fetish, Iíll withhold judgment and wish these people nothing but the best. Different strokes for different folks.
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