Five iPhone 6 Rumors You Absolutely Should Not Believe

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4. Apple Is Going Gorilla Glass
There's been a strong aversion to the news about Apple utilizing Sapphire Crystal in the iPhone 6 by certain companies. For those who don't know, Sapphire Crystal is extremely durable and is scuff-proof, scratch-proof and mostly crack-proof, it's also the current grade of glass being used for the TouchID sensor in the iPhone 5S. What's more is that there's even a video demonstrating Sapphire Crystal being crushed by a cement block without leaving nary a scratch in sight on the phone. However, the vice president of Corning Glass is adamant about Apple using Gorilla Glass for the iPhone 6, as noted by Trusted Reviews. Why? Because they don't want to be put out of business with Apple switching to Sapphire Crystal. There's a lot riding on manufacturing contracts for one of the most profitable companies in the world. Trying to convince people that Gorilla Glass isn't going out of style is a good way to get other companies to feel secure with investing in that treatment, as opposed to following the leader and heading to brighter pastures alongside the company from Cupertino, California.

Well, it seems a little unlikely that Apple will use Gorilla Glass for the iPhone 6 at this point, no matter what a vice president from a certain company has to say about it. This is mostly given to the fact that Apple has already invested more than $500 million into a GT Advanced production plant to produce enough Sapphire Crystal to make 100 million iPhones, as noted by Wall Street Cheat Sheet. I can't imagine Apple (or anyone with a head that isn't twisted on the wrong way) dumping half a billion dollars into a plant just to use a competing company's product. Worse yet for Corning Glass is that 9to5 Mac is reporting that GT Advanced is already prepped to start production of the Sapphire Crystal for the iPhone 6. Maybe next time, Corning.
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