Former Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri is in serious hot water with both the police and his girlfriend after an argument quickly escalated into multiple felonies. The thirty-nine year old reportedly struck his girlfriend during an argument two days ago, prompting her to immediately leave the residence. She returned yesterday to the couple's shared duplex to pick up her things, but Oliveri reportedly locked her inside and became very aggressive. Neighbors alerted authorities who rushed to the scene but were denied access. After a brief exchange, the SWAT team was called in. A negotiator convinced Oliveri to let his girlfriend leave after a few hours, and a short time later, the musician turned himself in without incident.

According to TMZ, police conducted a search after the suspect was apprehended and found a fully loaded riffle. No word on whether it was used as leverage during the altercation, but I can't imagine authorities would offer any leniency if that turned out to be the case.

Nick Oliveri is currently free on one hundred thousand dollars bail. The bassist was kicked out of Queens Of The Stone Age in 2004 after some shady conduct on a tour; so, it's likely that figure represents a hell of a lot of money to him. We'll keep you updated when more details become available.



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