Former Skid Row Drummer Varone Working On Cooking Book

By Celeb Stink 2010-12-21 12:24:03
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Former Skid Row drummer Phil Varone is turning his love of food and cooking into a work of art - he's collating a recipe book with the help of his rock star pals.

The drummer-turned-comedian is working on Rockstar Recipe and he's reached out to a host of big names to donate their favorite dishes and tales about their rock lifestyle to the publication.

He tells WENN, "When I was a teenager I started working in restaurants and my mother was an amazing cook, my father was a cook in the army. I come from an Italian family so the cooks run deep. What I wanted to do with this cook book is combine music and cooking because a lot of rock stars cook, so it's called Rockstar Recipe and it's a cookbook from basically all my favorite rock stars, all their favorite recipes, and stories about them and we introduce all kinds of stuff to go along with it. I'm asking my friends to donate their recipes and the master list is two, three hundred people and we're just waiting for a response from all of them to put them together."

Varone is aiming to release the book next year (11), although he admits the project is still a work in progress so he's hesitant to name names - but he insists it will be worth waiting for. He adds, "They're big rock stars, I can't say the deal but it's big rock stars that I've worked with in the past that I know very well. It's almost like a fan book, more so than a cookbook, but that's the angle that we're going with. I just love cooking, I cook every night. It's just something I enjoy." (MT/WN/MJ)

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