West Coast rapper The Game is in hot water with California authorities because of his Twitter account. The thirty-one year old sent out a message to his more than five hundred thousand followers supplying a number they should call if they had interest in interning for him. Turns out the whole thing was a joke. The number was that of the Compton Sheriff's Department, and as hundreds of calls overloaded the system, police were late in responding to several robberies, a domestic disturbance and a missing persons case.

Within hours, authorities tracked the deluge of calls back to a Tweet on The Game's account and asked him to delete it. The rapper has since claimed the whole thing was an accident, but a later Tweet accusing the department of not being able to solve murders seems to call that mix-up excuse into question.

According to The Los Angeles Times, authorities have begun investigating the incident and may wind up charging The Game with obstructing officers and disrupting police force communications. The whole thing kind of seems like a double whammy. Not only did the Tweet turn into a middle finger directed toward the cops, it ended up being blue balls for the hundreds of excited fans seeking an internship.

I can't imagine a Twitter-related incident like this will lead to jail time, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the rapper in court on some kind of misdemeanor charge by the end of the year. Love them, hate them, think they're okay, police officers, especially in urban areas, really do have busy high stress jobs that need to be attended to. Answering hundreds of misinformed phone calls doesn't seem like a productive way for them to be spending their time or energy.



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