George Takei Targeted By Hateful Homophobes

By Celeb Stink 10 years ago
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GEORGE TAKEI was targetted by hateful homophobes who were left dismayed when he revealed his sexual orientation. In October 2005 the 69-year-old, who played HIKARU SULU in the sci-fi show, told the world he was gay and has been in a relationship with his partner BRAD ALTMAN for almost two decades.

Takei received letters of support from many Trekkies, but a small minority were unable to deal with a homosexual appearing in their favourite show. He says, "There has been that two per cent that said I've ruined their love for Star Trek and Sulu. "And there are those few religious extremists that started quoting the Bible and saying how dare I - an actor - tarnish the biblical truth that Star Trek was trying to convey to the audience."

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