He's How Young? Demi Moore Is Reportedly Dating Julian Schnabel's Son

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Demi Moore may be moving on from Ashton Kutcher, but apparently, she still likes her men young. Rumors are circulating that the fifty-year-old is currently involved with Vito Schnabel, the twenty-six-year-old son of famous artist and director Julian Schnabel. The two recently met at billionaire Vladimir Doroninís fiftieth birthday party in Jodhpur, India, and if the reports are to be believed, the two didnít hide their mutual attraction.

According to The New York Post, Moore and Schnabel got down on the dance floor during the festivities, grinding on each other while many of the other guests looked on. In the weeks since, theyíve reportedly been hanging out on a regular basis, though neither has spoken publically about whatís going on to the press. Considering they didnít spend Thanksgiving together, theyíre definitely not at that point anyway.

Schnabel might not be as well known as his father, but in famous circles, he has quite the reputation as a ladies man. He seems to prefer older women too. Heís reportedly carried on relationships with both Elle MacPherson and Liv Tyler in the past. Given Mooreís much discussed attraction to younger men, however, itís unclear who may have actually made the first move here.

In theory, thereís nothing wrong with older and younger people getting together, but with her recent substance abuse problems, if Moore is looking at this potential relationship as a vehicle to party and behave like a chick half her age, itís a dreadful idea. Hereís to hoping thereís much more to this connection than meets the eye.
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