Being pregnant with her first child has not slowed Hilary Duff down a bit. The former teen queen is busier than ever these days, touring the world promoting her book Elixir and its follow-up, Devoted. The 24-year-old singer, actress, and author plans to take a break after her baby is born, but for now she is hard at work penning a third installment to the book series.

Duff has experienced great success in television, movies, and music-- but how is she preparing for the most important endeavor of all? She and husband Mike Comrie are planning to move into a new home where they will be personally designing the baby's room. They have also been throwing name ideas back and forth, but have not settled on one yet. Check out what she told MTV News about the thought process behind choosing a name:
"If we give the baby kind of a unique name, we need to give it a normal middle name in case it hates it and wants to like fit in better, and then maybe we just need to go totally traditional. And we're like, 'How can we be naming it before we even see it?' There's so much to think about!"

I've been a fan of Hilary's since her Lizzie McGuire days, and I'm really happy to see her doing well in both her personal and professional life. While many stars who become famous at such a young age end up being known more for their dramatic personal lives than their art, Duff has always separated herself from the pack by working hard and staying out of trouble. I personally would like to hear more music from Duff-- in my opinion, she released some of the most fun pop music of the past decade, and I can't wait to hear her next album.

For more on Hilary Duff, be sure to catch her on both The Ellen Degeneres Show and Chelsea Lately on Monday, October 17th.



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