Hirsch, Timberlake And Biel To Mountain Climb For Water Crisis Awareness

By Celeb Stink 6 years ago
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Actor Emile Hirsch will embark on a week-long trek up Mount Kilimanjaro after agreeing to join Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on the climb to raise awareness about the worldwide water crisis.

The Into the Wild star will don his climbing gear on Thursday (07Jan10) to scale the 19,341-foot African peak to fundraise and highlight the need for clean drinking water in less economically developed countries.

Hirsch is looking forward to tackling the climb, branding it "an epic adventure with an educational process on the global water crisis", and he's determined to reach the mountain's highest point.

He adds, "Put this on the books: I'm making it to the top." Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress Isabel Lucas and rapper Lupe Fiasco are also taking part in the Summit on the Summit expedition. (MT/WNWA/IG)

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