Jennifer Aniston Asks Justin Theroux To Move In, Continues Run Of Questionable Choices

By Mack Rawden 2011-06-16 15:10:18
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Jennifer Aniston has a lot of nerve. She willingly played the victim for about a decade after Angelina Jolie wrecked her home, appearing on the cover of every magazine and on the runtime of every gossip show crying foul. I sympathized with her. She was Rachel Green for Godís sake, and her and Brad were Americaís dream couple. I had a lot of misguided emotion invested in their relationship succeeding, and when it went south, like most people, I held it against Angelina Jolie. Iíll probably always hold it against Angelina Jolie, but thereís no denying Jennifer Aniston has made some sketchy personal life choices since the highly publicized implosion of her relationship. This homewrecking is just the latest example of it, not that she seems disappointed in herself.

Americaís sweetheart Jennifer Aniston has just invited actor Justin Theroux to move in with her. The internet was nearly set on fire last week as reports of their new relationship first surfaced. Since then, Therouxís girlfriend of fourteen years, costume designer Heidi Bivens, moved out of the coupleís shared New York City apartment, and Theroux moved out of his room at the Chateau Marmont and into Anistonís bedroom. Way to make him work for it, Jen.

According to US Magazine, Jen is already introducing Justin as her boyfriend and seems entirely pleased with the new direction of her life. Do I even need to say it? This isnít going to turn out well. Not only did Theroux just get out of a fourteen year relationship, he cheated on his girlfriend before it was officially over. Even if it was over in all but name, thatís still poor form. You never date the rebound guy and you never date the cheater, especially if youíre looking to settle down and have a family like Aniston always claims.

I really want Jennifer Aniston to be happy, which is why I can't agree with or condone any of this.
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