Jennifer Aniston Not Desperate To Have A Baby

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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Once upon a time, Jennifer Aniston lived in a fairy tale, or at least thatís how many onlookers viewed it. Beloved because of her sweet and charming run as Rachel Green on Friends and admired because she bagged arguably the most eligible bachelor in the world, her station was envied by many women until it all unraveled as the whole world watched. Within a few months, she was suddenly the girl everyone felt bad for, and that collective sympathy toward her plight only increased when Brad and Angelina started having children. That should have been Jenniferís life, most of us thought, but today, the actress is singing a totally different tune.

Speaking in the November issue of Elle, Aniston said sheís not on pins and needles over whether or not sheíll ever have the life the rest of us have spent the past few years planning for her. Some might call it a defense mechanism, but she certainly seems pretty rational about it to me. Hereís what she said about babiesÖ
ďItís not what you read. Thereís no desperation. If itís meant to be, itís meant to be. Iím at peace with whatever the plan is. But will you hate me if I say I donít want to talk about my relationship?Ē

Aniston is currently dating fellow actor Justin Theroux, and the two seem to be getting along great. Iím not sure theyíre anywhere near the point of possibly procreating, but if the momentum continues, it could very well get there in the near future. Until then, I expect to hear this same thoughtful indifference from the forty-two year old. Sheís too wise to count her chickens before they hatch or to put herself and a baby into a less than ideal situation. Plus, sheís a sought after movie star with a successful, attractive boyfriend. Thatís hardly a consolation prize.
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