Wow, this is a lot hotter than Khloe Kardashian baring it all for PETA. Jennifer Aniston, disgruntled ex-wife, beloved movie star, sex symbol, has taken to GQ, giving the magazine a candid and revealing interview as well as a cover to put in Lou Ashby’s famous spank bank for years to come.

According to People, the former Mrs. Pitt addressed everything from her upcoming turn as a cougar in Pumas to her issues with Angelina. “The funny thing is, people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends.” Oh Jennifer, you will always be my favorite friend.

This is normally the part of the article where I’d give you some interesting factoid or wax poetic about my love for Rachel, but let’s just forget this last paragraph and instead stare at the cover I’ve included above.

Yeah, that was the right decision.



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