Jeremy Sisto's Wife Is Expecting A Baby Boy

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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Celebrities have been excited about announcing pregnancies via talk shows lately. By that I mean new dads have been excited about revealing their wivesí pregnancies lately. Robert Downey, Jr. let out the big news on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno earlier this month. Now, Suburgatoryís Jeremy Sisto also announced some big family news, instead choosing daytime television as his venue.

Sisto went on The Talk Friday, mostly to discuss his new ABC program, Suburgatory - a show I recently got into and find quite amusing- but he ended up segueing his experiences on Suburgatory quite nicely with news of a new baby on the way and raising his other child, a two and a half year-old daughter named Charlie-Ballerina.

Sisto did not get into too many details about his wife Addie Laneís pregnancy, other than to state the happy couple will be having a boy in March. However, he did speak out about how it was difficult for him to name a child after someone who had already made his or her mark on the world.
ďI never really pictured myself having a family so it felt strange to name my child after anyone else alive. So my wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that werenít normally names.Ē

Though Sisto didnít divulge his upcoming sonís name, I donít have high hopes. I think itís the hyphen.

During the episode, Sisto also discusses erring on the side of parenting more rather than less. You can tell itís pretty uncomfortable for him to be questioned by half a dozen women, but he does pretty well and seems genuinely excited when talking about his family. You can check out the full episode over at
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