Jet Fans Love Brett Favre

By Mack Rawden 8 years ago
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I knew football fans were sometimes fanatically but this still seems a little crazy. Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets last night. Since then, over three thousand green number four jerseys have already been sold. Thatís a single day record, and itís reportedly still climbing.

According to TMZ, Brettís Packers jersey is the highest selling piece of merchandise in the NFLís history. Cinema Blend has stayed out of the media-palooza thus far thatís surrounded the quarterback, but we couldnít resist commenting on this. Never underestimate either the die-hard devotion of pigskin fans or how much disposable income the average middle-aged white guy has.

Hereís Brett Favre in Thereís Something About MaryÖ

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