John Galliano Blames The Booze For Racial Slurs

By Jacob Sundstrom 5 years ago
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Iíve never been to Paris. I donít know the ins and outs of Parisian culture except from what Iíve seen in Paris Je Tíaime and learned in a French class I took last year. If there is one thing to be learned other than never-look-a-Frenchman-in-the-eye itís that Parisians don't enjoy the same level of freedom of speech that Americans take for granted. As such, ex-Dior designer John Galliano may get six months in jail in addition to a $32,175 fine for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments in a French bar in February.

The Irish Times has now reported that Galliano does not recall the alleged racial slurs, but is all too apologetic just in case he offended anyone. Heís using the ole ďIím an alcoholic, pity meĒ excuse, which may get him out of jail time. ďAfter every high there was a crash,Ē he told the court. ďThe drink would help me escape.Ē

So what in America would have just led to a solid ass-kicking will likely lead to a hefty fine and possibly some jail timein France. On the flip side, in America we have churches organizing protests at the funerals of fallen servicemen and women. Regardless, Galliano lost his livelihood with this incident, and only time will tell to see if heíll be accepted back into the upper-crust fold of Parisian fashion design.
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