John Lennon's Tooth Fetches $30000 Plus At Auction

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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The tooth of deceased Beatle John Lennon was put up for auction on Saturday, and it netted more than thirty thousand dollars for his former housekeeperís family. Dot Jarlett took care of the musicianís domestic affairs during the 1960s, and when his tooth popped out, he told her she could either dispose of it or give it to her daughter who was a huge fan. Dot chose the later, and the molar has remained a family treasure ever since.

On the surface, thereís a lot about this story thatís incredibly creepy. Hoarding a tooth for more than four decades is a little stranger than framing an autographed LP. Shelling out thirty-one thousand two hundred dollars is even more bizarre, unless, of course, youíre a dentist buying it for your business. According to Rolling Stone, thatís supposedly what happened here. A Canadian dentist saw the item and thought it would look great as a keepsake for his practice, but as of press time, Omega Auction House hasnít publicly identified the winning bidder.

I love everything about this story, probably because I hate the mindless chitchat that goes on while youíre getting your teeth cleaned. Itís always boring and repetitive, but if I went to the dentist and he had Lennonís tooth on the wall, thatís something Iíd want to talk about. Iíd probably even be more likely to return. Itís like going to a restaurant and seeing framed pictures of celebrities eating at the establishment on the wall. It might not guarantee the steak will be cooked correctly, but it still adds a certain aura of legitimacy.

Well played, all around.
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