If you heard Jon Bon Jovi was dead, would you wonder if he had been shot through the heart? Would you guess cancer, a heart attack, or maybe a freak accident at a state fair where a stage fell over during a storm? If you guessed heart attack, you’d be, well…sort of right.

If you almost had your own heart attack upon hearing the news Jon Bon Jovi might be dead, have no fear, the “Livin’ On A Prayer” singer is very much alive, even though a report over at Dailynewbloginternational indicated otherwise earlier today. The blog post led to rampant news of Bon Jovi’s death, which, according to MSNBC, even trended on Twitter earlier this afternoon.

The fake report spoke out about the singer being pronounced dead at Jersey Shore Medical singer after he was found unconscious in his hotel room. Awesomely, Bon Jovi seems to have had a hell of a sense of humor over the event, even taking to his own Twitter to joke about his supposed death.
"Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey" -jbj. Rest assured that Jon is fine!”

The tweet ends with a link to a brand new photo. You can check it out, below.

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