Justin Bieber was recently asked by Pencils of Promise to donate a personal item to help raise money. A hat, a shirt, an autographed concert booklet, these trinkets were likely what organizers had in mind, but apparently, the Biebs had something more important he needed to part with: his pet snake.

Those who watched the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards likely met Johnson, Bieber’s baby boa constrictor. Hidden in his hand and produced at the opportune moment, the reptile was a bit of a shock to viewers and a clear point of frustration for his girlfriend Selena Gomez. She seemed frightened and visibly annoyed at both the snake and her boyfriend. Now the serpent is ready to find a new home, and one would imagine she’s more than pleased for the Biebs to lose his roommate.

The auction is taking place as we speak over at Charity Buzz, and with more than two weeks of bidding left, the snake has already snapped up four thousand, five hundred dollars. Expect that figure to grow exponentially in the coming days, but if you’re planning to bid, be advised there are several terms you must abide by.

Buying a live animal isn’t the same as an autograph. There are serious responsibilities to pet ownership, and the winner will reportedly be screened to ensure he or she is able to provide adequate care. That means constructing indoor and outdoor habitats, taking the snake to regular vet appointments and buying premium food. The Biebs may be parting ways with Johnson, but he still cares enough to make sure he finds a good home.

If this story were about a dog rather than a snake, people would be outraged. Since it’s not, bid away.



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