Many members of Justin Bieber’s crew have refused to go on the pop singer’s upcoming trip to Japan because they fear the nuclear radiation and the potential of another earthquake. Sound ridiculous? Just wait, it gets better. This story was reported by, in which they revealed that many of Bieber’s crew raised concerns in a meeting held by Scooter Braun, the singer’s manager. The two shows are in Osaka and Japan, and because that might not mean anything to you, check out this link to get an idea of where the damage is in relation to the two cities.

Yes, Osaka is over THREE-HUNDRED miles away from the EDGE of the earthquake and tsunami damage. Tokyo is significantly closer, but still not in the affected area of either the earthquake OR the tsunami OR the radiation leak. Seriously, these people are in no danger and are, quite frankly, cowards for not going to Japan to honor their commitment to the kids that have already bought tickets.

Thankfully, Bieber has some balls and will be going to Japan with or without his crew - even if that means he’ll have to play smaller venues. Good for him, and hopefully his weenie posse will man up and get out to Japan, a country that could use all the moral support it can get.



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