Representatives for pop star Justin Bieber have denied he fathered a three month-old child with Mariah Yeater, but that hasn’t stopped the police from publicly admitting they may look into a statutory rape that may have been committed. The twenty year-old single mother claims she had thirty seconds of unprotected sex with the Biebs a little less than a year ago, which is either an egregious lie or a crime. He would have only been sixteen at the time the alleged encounter happened, and seeing as how she would have been nineteen, that’s a violation of the law.

Of course, an investigation can’t begin until paternity is proven, and if you listen to Bieber, that’ll never happen. He stopped by Today this morning and insisted he always goes directly from the stage to his car, without stopping to partake in any backstage funny business. Here’s a brief excerpt…
"To set the record straight, none of it is true. I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim,"

Thus far, Mariah Yeater’s story hasn’t exactly been widely accepted. She’s been taking a beating on Twitter and most media outlets have been very careful to paint all of her charges as unproven. That doesn’t mean they won't be taken seriously though. In fact, it’s likely Biebs will submit to a test at some point to get this mess out of the way, but it’s still fairly clear what the public expects those results to say.



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