It’s getting worse and worse for Mariah Yeater by the day. Like every Republican that has emerged as a challenger to Romney, the twenty year old single mother has been subjected to the full investigatory powers of the media, and she has not held up well. Last week, she took her claims outside the court system in an attempt to negotiate with Justin Bieber privately, leading many to believe she was frightened about a potential countersuit. Now some shady text messages have emerged that are forcing even her most ardent supporters to question whether there’s any validity to her charge at all.

TMZ has obtained a series of messages in which Yeater first reaches out to a friend asking him to convince her ex-boyfriend to be in their child’s life and later implores the same friend to delete text messages her mother sent about the real identity of the father. She even promises to compensate him for the trouble after she gets paid.

This has gone from scandalous to sad in a hurry. Even if Yeater’s mother did send text messages calling someone else the father, it wouldn’t matter because Bieber is taking a paternity test. If the DNA were to prove he was the father, he’d still be liable for child support regardless. It seems like she assumed the Biebs would simply agree to pay child support without taking any sort of test, which shows a total lack of understanding about how the legal system works.

I never thought I would say this, but part of me actually feels bad for Yeater. She’s clearly a desperate girl looking for someone to help parent her child. It’s increasingly looking like Justin Bieber is not the father, but I truly hope when this is all over, whoever did impregnate her comes forward and takes on his responsibility. If not for her sake, for the child’s well-being.



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