Justin Bieber's Security Team Accused Of Stealing Another Memory Card

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Back in the day, Justin Bieberís handlers really didnít care who photographed the pop star. Fans were allowed to take snapshots whenever the singer was out and about, and even more suspiciously, acquaintances were allowed to capture the Biebs while he was hanging out and partying. Not surprisingly, the policy eventually led to weed photos, negative headlines and now, a new policy.

The new policy goes a little something like this: if someone is caught taking a photograph, Bieberís security team (allegedly) takes the memory card out of the phone and confiscates it to make sure the picture doesnít get out. Thus far, itís been pretty successful, but unfortunately, itís had one very big side effect. According to TMZ, Bieberís security guards have been accused of battery on at least four occasions over the past few weeks. The latest incident happened just this weekend at a Hollywood hookah shop, and it supposedly involved a random person trying to take one picture of the pop star smoking, a scuffle after the security guards noticed what happened and a visit by the local police.

Itís very understandable that Bieber would want privacy. Hell, itís even understandable that he would make guests in his home sign confidentiality agreements, but if heís out in a public place and a fan walks up to him to take a picture, he needs to learn to just roll with it. Thatís going to happen with consistency for years to come, and with a continuation of this policy, all of his bodyguards will wind up in prison.
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