When word of Mariah Yeater’s dropped paternity suit leaked out this morning, most people thought this would be the last we heard of her or her supposed backstage encounter with Justin Bieber. Turns out that’s not the case. She may have withdrawn her legal accusation, but she’s still moving forward with her claim that Biebs is the father.

Yeater’s attorney Jeffrey Leving, not either of the two men who represented the single mother before, spoke to The Associated Press today and denied moving the case outside the court system was an admission his client was lying. He argued a private DNA test and negotiation between the two parties was simply a safer and better way to handle the situation. If he has his way, both Bieber and Yeater will actually sign a confidentiality agreement barring either from speaking publicly about the results, but the chances of that happening, unless, of course, Bieber thinks he could be the father, are slim to none.

The backlash against Yeater since she first made her claim has been aggressive and occasionally dangerous. She’s reportedly been forced to change her phone number at least once, and she recently caught someone filming her son. That’s not exactly a pleasant way to go about life, but she should have expected Beliebers wouldn’t take kindly to her allegations.

As for Bieber’s lawyers, the same ones he’s always had, they reiterated their annoyance at having to deal with the case and called the entire thing “sad” and “malicious” among other harsh adjectives. Their client no longer has any legal requirement to prove he’s not the father, but with all the media attention, he’s still planning on doing so to stop the whispers. Plus, I'm sure at least a part of him would like to irrefutably prove his accuser is a liar.

No word on whether he’ll follow through with his threat to sue her after the results come out, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be in her position.



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