Justin Long And Drew Barrymore Separate

By Mack Rawden 7 years ago
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The little girl from E.T. and the douche bag somewhere, someplace shoving a Mac down someoneís throat have broken up, effectively ending the strangest Hollywood union since Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie boycotted the vials of blood.

Itís unclear just who exactly dumped who, but Cinema Blend can tell you it was Drew Barrymoreís publicist who passed the juicy gossip onto US Magazine. Letís be honest: it was probably her anyway. If someone would have told me five years ago that the nerd from Galaxy Quest would bone Julia Guglia from The Wedding Singer, Iíd have called Ďem a fucking liar. And been wrong. I hate being wrong.

No word yet on whoís beds these two will rebound into, but Iíll take a shot in the dark and say Justin Long will start dating Destiny from I Love Money/ Rock Of Love and Drew Barrymore will seduce that chubby dude who played Greg Goldberg.
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