We've all been well aware of Kate Winslet's awesomeness for awhile now. In fact, I've never met one person with a negative opinion of the thirty-five year old, six-time Academy Award nominee and one-time winner. Her Q-score must rival that of firefighters, which only seems fitting considering what she did over the weekend. The actress was staying at Virgin founder Richard Branson's private island residence when a lightning storm set the mansion on fire. Acting quickly, Winslet headed for a nearby room housing Richard Branson's mother and carried the ninety year old woman to safety.

According to The New Zealand Herald, the house was completely destroyed, which included private offices for both Branson and his staff, but everyone was able to make it out unharmed. The billionaire will reportedly start a rebuilding project immediately. The private island has been a very popular wedding destination over the years and has been rented by loads of famous faces including Harrison Ford and David Beckham.

There are certain fight or flight moments in life that require an instantaneous reaction. Kate Winslet just had one of those tests, and she performed as well as any of us could hope to. You know how sometimes you hear stories that make your favorite actors sound like real jerks? It's always wonderful to hear real life situations that make you feel the exact opposite. I like Kate Winslet better than I did last week, and I didn't think that was possible.



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