Former CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric is back on the market. The fifty-four year old and her longtime boyfriend Brooks Perlin reportedly called it quits recently, ending their relationship after five years. Some observers thought there might be wedding bells in the couple’s future since the two shared a townhome on the Upper East Side, but ultimately, it seems they could never quite get on the same page. Nearly twenty years his senior, sources are saying Couric and Perlin simply wanted different things out of a relationship, a sad reality that only became clearer the longer they were together.

They met in 2006 at a fundraiser for cancer research. Katie’s husband Jay Monahan passed in the late 90s from colon cancer, and his widow has been active with supporting charities ever since. Perlin is an entrepreneur and also a frequent philanthropist. Within months of their first meeting, they were together and remarkably stable.

Don’t worry about Katie post-break-up though. According to E!, her friends are already pitching ideas for potential first dates. There’s no word yet on what qualities she might be looking for in a man, but given how this past relationship ended, one would imagine someone a little closer to her age might get priority.

Pop Blend wishes Katie and Brooks nothing but the best as they each move forward. All the anonymous sources that have commented on the relationship implosion have had nothing but nice things to say about Brooks, which should count double considering people typically have no problem bashing their friends’ former lovers.



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