Katy Perry, Bret Michaels Provide Lip Service To Tornado Victims

By Jacob Sundstrom 2011-04-29 12:42:38
If youíve been following the news at all the past week or so, you know that there have been some terrible, terrible storms in the south, particularly in Alabama. I donít know if youíve seen the movie Twister, but if itís as gnarly, or worse than the tornadoes depicted in that movie, Iíve just found my number one reason for never moving into tornado alley. So now, as the rebuilding effort starts we expect Americans to donate some money to help the thousands effected by this catastrophe. Itís times like this that celebrities usually try to earn some good karma by donating twenty thousand bucks and asking their fans to donate whatever they can.Unless youíre Katy Perry or Bret Michaels.

All three of them expressed ďheartfelt sympathyĒ on their Twitter accounts, with Perry writing, ďWhat is going on w/the (with the) earth these days? Think we're seeing too many warning signs! Mama Earth ain't happy, we need change. Pray for the south!"

Bret Michaels of Poison fame added, ďOur thoughts go out to our friends and fans who have been affected by the recent storms in the southern states,Ē

To which I say, SCREW YOU! The people who just lost their entire house into a giant tower of wind donít need or want your thoughts or your prayers unless those thoughts and prayers are backed up with you cutting a check. I make nine dollars an hour at my job, and Iím going to donate money to the victims of this disaster. Thereís nothing more irritating than seeing countless blogs and journalists act like these celebrities just did something greater than type less than 140 characters and hit ďsendĒ.

Iím not saying these people wonít donate money, thereís a great chance they will. Iím just saying that until they do, letís talk them down off their high horses. Also, head over to the Red Cross and donate whatever you can to help the victims of these awful storms, and then pray, and then tweet.
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