There are rumors based on nothing, rumors based on curious sets of circumstances and rumors that wind up being facts. For the time being, this rumor should be considered a potentially logical solution drawn from a curious set of circumstances, most notably that Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent Christmas apart. The newlyweds were reportedly planning to escort her parents to London to see where the comedian grew up. Unfortunately, that bonding experience never happened. She spent the holiday in Hawaii, and he spent it in England. The question is why.

A source told US Weekly that a fight filled with loads of f-bombs and plenty of frustration culminated in her saying she may as well do her own thing and his flying to London. Unfortunately, as the source was of the anonymous variety, it’s difficult to ascertain how credible he or she might be, just as it’s difficult to know even if the fight happened what it might mean. A couple married twenty years spending Christmas apart is likely to lead to divorce, but a couple who’s been married a wink spending Christmas apart could potentially be laughed off as a newlywed fight. I’m not saying I condone that behavior or that it’s not reckless, but some younger people operate that way.

If the rumors are to be believed, the bickering was precipitated by how he treats her parents and friends, which strikes me as a very logical reason for people to fight. Regardless of why it happened, Perry was photographed without her wedding ring, but since she spent much of the vacation on the beach, it’s possible it was simply removed for safety. Let’s hope that’s the case.

Pop Blend wishes a whole lot for Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage, most of all that they’d want to spend Christmas together next year.



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