It’s hard to balance Kim Kardashian on pro and con scales. I’ll go ahead and blame this on the absurd shape of her body. Really though, on one hand the middle Kardashian lilts her voice in an extremely unpleasant way and spends her free time accomplishing endless photo shoots and giving a great number of press interviews. On the other hand, this makes Kim a sicko for self-promotion, and I can appreciate that nearly as much as I appreciate talking about Disney covers.

Recently, Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries, well, and her sex tape not with Kris Humphries, have been hot topics of conversation. Today’s news has forgotten yesterday’s, and the new news on Kim’s end concerns nothing but working out and bling.

The new wife admitted to People yesterday she doesn’t wear her engagement ring to work out or sleep.
“I see women coming to the gym with earrings on. I can’t do it. For some reason I need it all off, though people do … sleep with their earrings on.”

If you’ve seen her 20+ carat engagement ring, you know the singer clearly loves her jewelry, so her opinion might seem strange. However, as a recently engaged woman, I can get on board. Not only do glasses, jewelry –especially rings – and other extras make you sweat more at the gym, they are also heavy and cumbersome and fragile. Why would I put myself in a position to pop out a stone or sweat more than I have to onto something I must wear every day of my life? That thing only gets cleaned once or twice a year.

What do you think? Should a woman take off her ring when she works out? Let us know by voting in the poll below...

Should Women Wear Their Rings When Working Out?



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