Will Kim Kardashian Be Pregnant One Year From Now?

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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Now that the stress of planning a massive televised wedding has ended, one would expect Kim Kardashianís life to be a bit easier, but the reality star is having a hard time forecasting the future thanks to the NBA lockout. Because of it, her new husband Kris Humphries still has no idea where he might be playing basketball this season, if there even ends up being games at all. Sheís already vowed to follow him wherever he goes, but for that time being, thatís still New York City.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on the Idol hostís radio show, Kim said she'd wait until the living situation resolved itself before thinking about kids. When pushed for a timetable, she told listeners to give her a year. With so much uncertainty surrounding her husbandís career, it may ultimately take longer, but since betting there wonít be an NBA season is a depressing gamble, letís not even go there.

Ordinarily, with a female celebrity as popular as Kim Kardashian is right now, questions must be asked about how a baby might alter her career, but seeing as how sheís essentially famous for being herself, having a child is likely to do nothing but help her career trajectory. I know thatís a selfish way to think about starting a family, but itís always better to put everything on the table before making any rash decisions.

So, the question is, will Kim Kardashian be pregnant one year from today? I think yes. I think the lockout is going to end, Kris will sign with someone, theyíll get settled down and immediately get to baby-making. I have no evidence to back this up, but thatís my gut reaction. What do you think? Will she be pregnant next October? Sound off by voting in the poll belowÖ

Will Kim Be Pregnant One Year From Now?


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