It’s been an awful few weeks for Kobe Bryant. The all-star guard and five time NBA champion has been repeatedly thrashed by one basketball-related blow after another. First, the Lakers trade for point guard Chris Paul was shadily cancelled by the league office. Then his general manager inexplicably gave away Lamar Odom, his friend and sixth man of the year, for money and a meaningless pick, and finally, his crosstown rivals the Clippers landed Chris Paul in a trade that wasn’t nixed by the league office. Coupled together, these problems would have been enough to ruin Kobe’s December, but now he’s been hit with a much more devastating blow.

Vanessa Bryant, his wife for more than ten years, has filed for divorce. The two met on the set of a music video when she was just nineteen, and they’ve been together ever since, even when the road got a bit rocky. Accused of sexual assault in 2003, he admitted the affair but fiercely denied any legal wrongdoing. Vanessa stood by him throughout the incident, and many observers thought their relationship emerged stronger on the other side. Now those hopes seem to have been misplaced.

The couple released a statement earlier this week asking for privacy in the matter, but the divorce filings have raced across the internet, as have a few sketchy rumors. According to TMZ, some sources close to the couple are saying the latest in a string of affairs pushed Vanessa to finally end the marriage. She reportedly got fed up with her husband’s carousing and thought he’d been given enough chances. Whatever the real reason, both parties will ask a judge for shared custody of their two children, as well as spousal support for Vanessa.

There are two types of men who cheat: those who are over being married and those who love their wives but can’t seem to control themselves. If the rumors are to be believed, Kobe definitely seems to be the latter. He almost always has his wife and children at home games, and by all accounts, he seems to be genuinely involved in his family’s life.

Pop Blend wishes Kobe, Vanessa and more importantly the kids nothing but the best in this period of turmoil.



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