Ordinarily, driving while intoxicated cases are pretty black and white. Either the guilty party blows over the legal limit, incriminating himself or he or she refuses to take a breathalyzer test and all but admits guilt. Now and again though, the driver agrees to the breathalyzer, passes and still winds up incarcerated. That's apparently what happened to Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle on Sunday night. Not surprisingly, he's already announced plans to fight the charge.

According to TMZ, the wrestler was driving in Virginia when a passing motorist noticed his car swerving between lanes. The unidentified party phoned the police, and State Troopers were dispatched. He agreed to a breathalyzer and supposedly blew under the legal limit, but because of how he was driving, the officers hauled him to a Warren County Jail anyway. He was released on two thousand dollars bail and immediately enlisted an attorney to get his side of the story out.

The litigator publicly stated earlier today his client will plead not guilty. Sources close to Angle have also admitted he feels he's being made an example of. I'm very rarely inclined to believe they're-out-to-get-me excuses, but if the cops really only are going on the word of the passing motorist, it seems likely this will never stand up in court. If the cops actually saw Angle swerving and driving like a bat out of hell though, that's another situation entirely.

As per usual, Pop Blend will use this last paragraph to send out its standard, preachy call a cab public service announcement. Even if it ultimately doesn't apply in this case, it can never be stated enough times.



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