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It's an exciting week for fans of Weird Al and Simple Plan. Weird Al is putting out his first record in five years and Simple Plan has brought the group back together for another LP. Fear not if you're aren't down with either of those artists though, fans of the hip-hop party mash LMFAO will also see a new record come into fruition and even golden Indie boy Bon Iver will be releasing his first offering since 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago. Oh yea, Tally Hall also released their new record today too! Let’s get this going:

6: LMFAO Sorry For Party Rocking

The lackluster crunkcore hip-hop group LMFAO have released a new album which is sure to be similar to its “party” music predecessor. The song “Shots Shots Shots” featured on Party Rock was a radio success for the band and this new album will surely not teeter away from the same crowd who ate up their debut effort. Songs like “Party Rock Anthem” and “Champagne Showers” will become staples for college parties worldwide.

5: Bon Iver Bon Iver, Bon Iver

In 2008 when Bon Iver released his debut album For Emma, Forever Ago it was quite a success, though not many people heard of the whimsical indie folk record outside the indie circles. Yet, inside that flannel wearing crowd the singer songwriter’s debut effort was a smash hit. Iver’s new album will surely be in the same genre of indie folk, but expect the artist to push his artistic aspirations with the help of recording group Jagjaguwar moving his work further due to the success of his previous.

4: Pitbull Planet Pit

Latino rapper Pitbull is set to release his new album today. Hailing from Miami, Florida the artist is known for his songs that discuss Latin culture as well as his upbringing in Florida. For this new effort, he continues his English speaking trend and mixes Spanish and English lyrics to please his American listeners. The first single off his album was the T-Pain collaboration "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)," which brought high anticipation for this new endeavor. Hopefully it will live up to the hype.

3: Simple Plan Get Your Heart On!

When you are in a band that doesn’t release a new album for three years, the subsequent LP can be quite pivotal. In the case of Simple Plan, it can mean gaining more recognition and acquiring more famous artists to work with or it could mean devastation. I believe it will be the former, because not only have the guys worked with Claude Kelly and David Hodges on this album, but the group also collaborated with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo. With their new found revival in success, the band will surely find solace in making one of the best Pop Punk albums for those who want it.

2: Weird Al Yankovic Alpocalypse

After spending nearly 5 years in a hiatus, I believe I speak on behalf of all his fans when I say: we're glad to have you back, Weird Al. Not only is Alpocalypse receiving spectacular reviews, but it is said that the comedy rocker rips apart the pop scene more than ever. It makes sense too, because he definitely has a more than ample portion of material to parody. Not only does he make fun of Lady Gaga in his song “Perform This Way,” and “Polka Face,” but he also hacks away at Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Hanson. It’s good to have the king of comedy rock back.

1: Tally Hall Good & Evil

Though they were nearly unknown in 2005,when Tally Hall released their first album Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, they sky quickly rocketed to fame. Three years later Atlantic Records signed them to record a new piece, Good & Evil and re-release Marvin’s. Working with their “dream” producer Tony Hoffer, the group explored their song writing and created an album that is worthy to be listened too. This mixture of power pop and indie rock is not to be missed. Check them out.

All in all this is a great time in music. The return of Weird Al is a triumph all its own, but seeing Bon Iver releasing his first album in 3 years and Tally Hall back in business might be the more epic triumph. I can’t wait to see what’s released next week. Stay Tuned.

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