Most people spend their lives trying to climb to the top. Supporting actors scratch and claw for lead roles. Lead actors fight to head summer Blockbusters. Salesman try to become managers, managers vice presidents, vice presidents CEOs. Apart from a small percentage of overly content souls, the majority of us are always seeking another promotion, which is why the few competent souls who actually make it to the top tend to have no idea what the hell to do once they get there.

Michael Jordan tried baseball (failure). Jack Nicholson tried becoming the world’s biggest Lakers fan (success). Tiger Woods tried being Casanova (failure), and now Lady Gaga, the world’s most talked about pop star, has set her sights on releasing a book (jury’s still out). Back in 2010, the singer gave photographer Terry Richardson complete and unrestricted access. He followed her on tour, in the dressing room, in the studio and at home. One hundred thousand photographs later, he’s ready to compile the best of the best into a three hundred and fifty page coffee table book. Lady Gaga will write the foreword, and according to CBS, the generically-titled Lady Gaga will be available for purchase in November.

You may remember Madonna released her own coffee table book back in the early 1990s, but I would be surprised if this collection caused anywhere near the stir the Material Girl’s did. What do you think? Would you consider keeping Gaga on your coffee table? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Would You Keep Lady Gaga On Your Coffee Table?

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