Lauren Conrad And Kyle Howard End Three Year Relationship

By Mack Rawden 2011-06-25 13:45:15
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Dating is hard. Most relationships donít work out. Sometimes itís because one party overtly or continually made bad choices, and sometimes itís because the couple just couldnít get on the same page about children, living arrangements or life goals. Thatís okay. The whole point of dating is to find a person you can happily spend the rest of your life with, but narrowing down that special someone is a hell of a lot easier when youíre looking in the right place.

After years of dating mostly philanderers and emotionally unavailable men, former Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad finally found a seemingly good guy in My Boys actor Kyle Howard. The pair exclusively dated for three years. Unfortunately, that romance has come to an end. Conrad and Howard confirmed their split to People. Seeing as how it ended quietly without name-calling or public bickering, one could surmise the relationship likely terminated for a sensible reason like marriage or family concerns, but without any official confirmation from either party, thatís just pure speculation at this juncture.

On the one hand, Iím sad for LC that yet another relationship has fallen by the wayside, but on the other hand, Iím pleased for her that this entire courtship seemed grown up and responsible. Over the course of the coupleís romance, they mostly stayed out of the public eye and avoided embarrassing displays of drama. The vast majority of people donít wed the first serious candidate who comes along. Hereís to hoping one of the next few proves right for Lauren and Kyle.
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