For a show about celebrities having fun and learning how to move, Dancing With The Stars sure attracts more than its share of hate. Last season, production staff experienced quite a scare when an angry letter addressed to Bristol Palin had a white residue inside, and now the authorities have once again had to rush to CBS Studios in Hollywood after a similar incident. Thankfully, today's fiasco has proven to be harmless, but the incident still makes you wonder why people get off on disrupting production on the reality competition.

According to TMZ, a letter arrived addressed to Dancing With The Stars. It's unclear which contestant the mail was intended for, but a worker for the show opened it to and white powder spilled out. The Hazardous Materials Team arrived on scene shortly thereafter, and within an hour, they officially gave the all clear. What exactly the chalky substance was likely won't be revealed until it's officially tested in a lab, but it seems foolish to think this whole thing was simply a misunderstanding.

Anyone alive and observant in 2001 likely remembers the horror and panic that gripped the nation a week after 9/11. Numerous letters were sent out to members of the media and high profile politicians containing spores of anthrax. Five people died and a further seventeen were injured. There was nothing funny about those attacks, and if someone is emulating them now, harmless as it ultimately might be, that's not funny either.



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