Lil Wayne likes to do things in grandiose strokes. His latest album, Tha Carter IV, includes tracks titled "President Carter", "MegaMan", and "I Like The View". Adding to his reputation and ego, Wayne has been arrested several times on various drug charges without letting it slow his career. Additionally, Wayne has nearly thirty (mostly self-inflicted) nicknames such as TuneChi, Weezy, and Deep Water Cater. Suffice it to say Wayne is no advocate for doing things moderation.

Tha Carter IV leaked online on August 24th, five days before the official release date. When Lil Wayne sat down with MTV this past week he proved, yet again, that nothing was going to get him down.
"We did real good this time, real good. It Just means people want to hear it. I mean, 'cause there's people's albums that come out that can be leaked and don't leak, so I'm glad mine's leaked."

Wayne's record company Cash Money Records also released a statement on the leak...
"I think we should still do well. The leak shouldn't have affected it that much. Actually, this is the first time that the albums leaked so close [to the release date]. Tha Carter III leaked two weeks before and we still did [one million] the first week. So if history repeats itself, we shouldn't have any problems."

Problem, it was not. Tha Carter IV sold over 1.1 million copies in its first week of release, making it the second-highest grossing first week for any album in 2011. Society tested Wayne's bluff and he's coming out looking good. When albums leak early, most performers tend to focus on the lost money and degrade society for their carnivorous destruction of the music industry. It's almost refreshing to hear a recording artist excited about their album leaking early. We can now add Lil Wayne to the list of artists who aren't concerned with their music getting out early along with Dave Matthews Band, Phish, and The Grateful Dead. Jam bands and Weezy, a match made in heaven.



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