Lindsay Lohan Asked Not To Volunteer At Women's Center

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Lindsay Lohan has been forced to alter her community service schedule after the Downtown Womenís Center in Los Angeles told her they werenít interested in any more of her help. Apparently, the troubled actress blew off nine scheduled appearances and frequently bailed after only an hour the times she did show up. It all looks arrogant and perhaps a bit pathetic from the outside, but if you ask Lohan herself, thereís a whole lot more to the story.

According to TMZ, the Mean Girls star told her friends she showed up on time whenever she was required to but the problem was the staff members simply hated her. She has no idea why they had a grudge, but they held one from the minute she walked in.

Regardless of why it didnít work out with the Womenís Center, Lohan has started doing her community service at the Red Cross instead. Sheís supposedly getting along great with the staff there, but less than a week away from her court date to determine the progress of her community service, itís unclear whether this whole fiasco will throw a wrench into the equation.

Life is about building credibility and trust. If I read a story about Julia Roberts trying to volunteer at the Womenís Center and people being mean to her, I would immediately assume she was in the right. I have no reason to not to believe her. Sheís always stuck it out on the straight and narrow, and as far as I know, her word is good. Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan has caused nothing but trouble the past few years. People may very well have been total jerks to her at the Womenís Center, but because her behavior has undermined her credibility, itís hard to believe her.

I sincerely hope Lindsay gets her life together. Iíd much rather write stories about her acting than her fighting with volunteers.
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