Lou Reed And Metallica's New Collaborative Effort Lulu Now Has A Track Listing

By Joseph Giannone 2011-09-08 18:55:49
Back in June, we brought you the news that Lou Reed and Metallica were teaming up for a collaborative album that was receiving endless attention from the get go. In fact, we knew back in June that the effort would be something special, because two legends with extraordinary ability and equally extravagant styles of music we’re joining forces. Even from the beginning, it was history in the making.

Last month, the collaboration's official website revealed that the album would be called Lulu. After a few weeks of digesting that juicy information, the same website gave us the album cover and track listing, while simultaneously offering all The Velvet Underground and Metallica fans a seizure from excitement.

Not only is the album cover an amazing image, but it also screams Lou Reed’s eccentric style and Metallica’s knack for anything metal. It’s a perfect blend of the groups’ individual traits which will likely transcend onto their album. Lulu was produced by Lou Reed and Metallica, plus recording giants Hal Willner and Greg Fidelman. With an amount of talent like that behind this record, the cover isn’t the only thing providing proof of Lulu’s glory. For the album’s track list, look below.

Lulu Tracklist:
01. Brandenburg Gate (4:19)
02. The View (5:17)
03. Pumping Blood (7:24)
04. Mistress Dread (6:52)
05. Iced Honey (4:36)
06. Cheat On Me (11:26)
07. Frustration (8:33)
08. Little Dog (8:01)
09. Dragon (11:08)
10. Junior Dad (19:28)

Who better to make an album like this than Metallica and the creator of The Velvet Underground? Lou Reed has been making excellent music for almost fifty years, and Metallica has for thirty. From first glance, Lulu seems like it had to have been a massive undertaking. The record is ninety minutes in length, with three songs over the ten minute mark and one track almost twenty minutes long.

This exceeds anything I expected for them to produce. Song titles like “Cheat On Me,” “Dragon” and “Junior Dad,” all fit neatly within the group's past efforts, but the songs' running times harken all the way back to Metallica's first few albums. What exactly are they making here, a free form jazz record or a progressive rock epic? Time will tell I guess, but in the meantime, let’s begin our wild anticipation, plus speculation.

Lulu is set to be released on November 1st.
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